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Eco-friendly shipping with Eco4Cargo®

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Are you an e-commerce or a business?

Compensate the emissions caused by the shipments of your e-commerce orders.

Here's what you have to do:

1. Sign the contract

Contact us to start an affiliation and start using our service.

2. Arrange your e-commerce

Set your platform so that it can receive and send data to our API .

How to prepare your e-commerce to the Eco4Cargo service?

  1. Ask for the API ID and access token
  2. Include a "carbon neutral" shipping option in the checkout phase of orders"
  3. Include a "carbon neutral" shipping option in the checkout phase of orders"

All these implementation are at the expenses of the e-commerce's IT service, who will receive the necessary documentation.

3. Offer the compensated shipment

Allow your clients to choose the option of a compensated shipment.

4. Your clients compensate

The compensated emissions make your e-commerce more sustainable.

Be CO2 Zero

An e-commerce can offer its clients the possibility of choosing a zero CO2 shipment,
a unique option that has no impact on the business and the logistics and that can influence:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    and fight the climate change
  • Green communication
    a very important sales and marketing driver today
  • "Non financial" aspects reporting
    in compliance with the current legislation for businesses
  • Environmental reporting
    for stakeholders

Compensate the emissions of your shipments all over the world.

How does it work:

1. Choose sustainability

Your shipments can become greener and support your CSR policy and your environmental sustainability.

2. Quantify your emissions

Besides the organization of your shipment, Eco4Cargo can also evaluate the greenhouse gasses emissions and offer you a solution for their compensation.

3. Confirm the compensation

If you give us trust, we will support your environmental protection project with internationally certified recognition and we will plan new reforestation actions in Italy.

4. Communicate the compensation

Eco4Cargo® and Rete Clima guarantee your compensation and together they can help you communicate your green choice.

Italian environmental protection and reforestation projects

Here is a list of projects that realize the compensation of the emissions and the italian reforestation projects.




What is the carbon footprint?

The carbon footprint corresponds to the measurement of the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted in the atmosphere during human activities, measured in CO2eq (CO2 equivalents). The CO2eq is an index of the impact human activities have on the terrestrial climatic system and the consequent generation of global warming.

What does compensation mean?

Compensating means counterbalancing: in the climatic field, it means counterbalancing an impact through an operation of environmental improvement with the goal of reducing or neutralizing it. The compensation starts at the end of a quantification and reduction process of the emissions.

What is the carbon compensation?

The carbon compensation is a way of counterbalancing the emissions of greenhouse gases through the reduction of the direct or indirect reabsorption of the equivalent quantity of CO2 caused by a certain human activity.

What does “carbon neutral” mean?

Carbon-neutrality is the result of a quantification, reduction and compensation process of the CO2 emissions: to become carbon neutral means to decide taking responsibility of your own environmental impacts and choose to make your activities unimpactful to the environment.

What does “reporting the non financial aspects of the business” mean?

In Italy, the recent D.Lgs 254/16 has introduced for some categories of businesses a specific obligation for the reporting of the non financial aspects linked to the annual business activities, asking them to report in a non-economic financial report all the environmental and social activities linked to the business. The goal is to report what generally does not emerge in the annual financial report in order to better understand and communicate the negative and positive environmental and social activities of the business during the year. You can find more details on these obligations on

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